EMT® and Aerobatic Program Highlights

  • Unique training methods, coupled with a world-renowned syllabus, featuring the PARE® spin recovery procedure and other trademark procedures developed by Master CFI Rich Stowell.
  • CP Aviation’s Certified Flight Instructors specializing in emergency maneuver, spin, and aerobatic techniques. We support the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE), the International Aerobatic Club, and the FAA Aviation Safety Program.
  • Training is completed in Citabrias and Decathlons.
  • Waivered airspace just three miles from Santa Paula Airport maximizes hands-on learning time.
  • Spin endorsements for Flight Instructor Applicants who satisfactorily complete Module I.
  • Approved under the FAA’s Pilot Proficiency Award Program (Wings Program).
  • Videotapes hosted by Rich Stowell are available for viewing between lessons to supplement ground and flight instruction.
  • Each Module can be completed in as few as two days, covering two lessons per day.
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Customized Programs

  • We can design tailor-made programs in stall/spin awareness, advanced spin training, and competition aerobatics to suit individual needs and experiences.
  • Aerobatic aircraft checkouts and tailwheel endorsements also available.