EMT®/UPRT (Emergency Maneuver Training) and Aerobatic Program Highlights

Emergency Maneuver Training: The original UPRT program since 1987

  • Unique training methods, coupled with a world-renowned syllabus, featuring the PARE® spin recovery procedure and other trademark procedures developed by Master CFI Rich Stowell.
  • CP Aviation’s Certified Flight Instructors specializing in Upset Prevention & Recovery Training/emergency maneuver, spin, and aerobatic techniques. We support the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE), the International Aerobatic Club, and the FAA Aviation Safety Program.
  • Training is completed in Citabrias and Decathlons.
  • Waivered airspace just three miles from Santa Paula Airport maximizes hands-on learning time.
  • Spin endorsements for Flight Instructor Applicants who satisfactorily complete Module I.
  • Approved under the FAA’s Pilot Proficiency Award Program (Wings Program).
  • DVDs hosted by Rich Stowell are available for viewing between lessons to supplement ground and flight instruction.
  • Each Module can be completed in as few as two days, covering two lessons per day.

Customized EMT®/UPRT (Emergency Maneuver Training) and Aerobatic Programs

We can design tailor-made programs in stall/spin awareness (Upset Prevention & Recovery Training) advanced spin training, and competition aerobatics to suit individual needs and experiences. Aerobatic aircraft checkouts and tailwheel endorsements also available.

EMT/UPRT Module One


Lesson One

  1. Climbing Dutch Rolls
  2. Turns & Slow Flight
  3. Stalls – Power On & Power Off
  4. Rudder Stall Exercise
  5. Introduce One-Turn Spin

Lesson Two

  1. Review
  2. One-Turn Spins Left & Right
  3. Two-Turn Spins Left & Right
  4. Spin Orientation
  5. 180° Power Off Approach to Land

Lesson Three

  1. Review Spins
  2. Spin Dynamics
  3. Selected Aggravated Spin Modes
  4. Unusual Attitudes – Spin Recoveries
  5. 180° Power Off Approach to Land

Lesson Four

  1. Incipient Spin Entries
  2. Skidded Turns
  3. Critical Flight Operations
  4. Spirals
  5. 180° Power Off Approach to Land
  6. Optional – Introduction to Rolls

Also Included With This Module:

Spin Endorsement (CFI Applicants Only)

Prerequisites: None

EMT/UPRT Module Two


Lesson One

  1. Review Dutch Rolls & Spins
  2. Aileron Rolls Left & Right
  3. Half Aileron Rolls Left & Right
  4. Inverted Flight
  5. 180° Power Off Approach to Land

Lesson Two

  1. Review Spins
  2. Rolls & Half Rolls Left & Right
  3. Unusual Attitudes – Overbanked recoveries
  4. Aerobatic-Style Turns
  5. 180° Power Off Approach to Land

Lesson Three

  1. Review Spins & Rolls
  2. Slips Left & Right
  3. Slipping Turns Left & Right
  4. Turning Dutch Rolls
  5. Slip to Land on Final Approach

Lesson Four

  1. Review Spins & Rolls
  2. Simulated Control Loss Practice
  3. Simulated Off-Airport Landings
  4. 180° Power Off Approach to Land
  5. Optional – Introduction to Loops

Also Included With This Module:

When completed within 12 months of Module I, FAA Wings (issued to qualifying pilots) & a Flight Review

Prerequisites: EMT® Module I, or equivalent.

EMT/UPRT Module Three


Lesson One

  1. Review Spins & Loops
  2. Half Loops
  3. Full Loops
  4. Immelmanns

Lesson Two

  1. Review Loops, Spins & Rolls
  2. Half Cuban Eights
  3. Reverse Half Cuban Eights
  4. Hammerhead Turns

Lesson Three

  1. Review All Maneuvers
  2. Design & Fly an Aerobatic Sequence

Lesson Four

  1. Review All Maneuvers
  2. Inverted Turns
  3. Inverted Dutch Rolls
  4. Inverted Spins Left & Right

Prerequisites: EMT® Module I & II, or equivalent.



EMT®/UPRT & Aerobatics

Master Instructors EMT/Aerobatic $114.00 per hour
Citabria 7GCBC $140.00 per hour
Decathlon (150 HP) $185.00 per hour
Super Decathlon (180 HP) $212.00 per hour
EMT/Aerobatic $100.00 per hour

CP Aviation in German flying magazine

German, Marcus de Heus took our EMT course while here on holiday. Upon his return to Germany, he wrote this article for Flieger Magazin. It is in German.

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